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Words of a tree

to nature I belong!

By Ikram YF.Published about a month ago 1 min read
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I was sitting on a bench facing an empty space.

Dark clouds surrounded the sun with beauty and grace.

Wind blowing and the long grass swaying back and forth,

While I was watching the birds racing towards the north.

That reminded me how time always moves at a brisk pace,

And how it leaves in each of us a wound, a scar or even a trace.

Are we the only ones who can feel,

When things get tough, then go to heal?

What about those dancing trees?

Do they share unspoken stories, or do they live in peace?

My thoughts were interrupted by a sudden noise

As a branch of a tree was leaning near my ear.

And with a gentle and soft whisper, said with fear:

I can hear your thoughts, they are all clear.

But what you see can someday disappear.

Nature is suffering in silence, and no one can hear.

People are adapting to massive eco changes

And they are not aware of the coming dangers.

Our birds are dying, and you can ask that deer,

The rise of warmth and no clean water around here.

The sky is helping by pouring the rain,

But mankind keeps putting us under pressure and pain.

What you see is nature’s resistance despite the drain.

Selfishness and carelessness only for personal gain.

But everything they do will be in vain,

When our mother’s resistance starts to fade.

Then they will realise with a crying eye,

That they are not victims when everything starts to die.

I let you enjoy the view with my words left as a stain

Remember how time always moves at a brisk pace,

And how it leaves in each of us a wound, a scar or even a trace.

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About the Creator

Ikram YF.

A reader and someone who is trying to understand what the flower is wrong with the world. I am also interested in mental health, racial and gender issues. :)

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Comments (1)

  • Emil indwabout a month ago

    Is this poem about being hurt by someone we once liked a lot? :(

Ikram YF.Written by Ikram YF.

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