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By BUSHRA TANVIRPublished about a year ago 1 min read


In twilight’s embrace, where dreams unfold,

A tapestry of stars, a sight to behold.

Amidst a celestial dance, the moonlight gleams,

I shall weave a poem, beyond mortal dreams.

Behold, a symphony of colors unfurled,

As nature’s canvas paints the wondrous world.

With golden hues, the sun dips low,

Caressing the earth in a vibrant glow.

The azure skies, adorned with clouds so light,

Like feathers dancing on a canvas of white.

Whispers of zephyrs, a gentle melody,

Caress the meadows and sway each tree.

In gardens of blossoms, a fragrant ballet,

Where petals unfurl in a splendid display.

Roses blush crimson, like love’s tender kiss,

While lilies enchant with an ethereal bliss.

Oh, the mountains rise, majestic and grand,

Their snow-capped peaks touch the heavens, hand in hand.

Rivers meander, a serpentine embrace,

Reflecting the beauty of this enchanted space.

As twilight descends, the stars ignite,

Sprinkling the night sky with celestial light.

Diamonds that twinkle, a celestial choir,

Guiding souls through the vast cosmic mire.

And in the heart of every soul who sees,

A timeless beauty that brings one to their knees.

For in this world, a tapestry so grand,

We find the gorgeous wonders, crafted by nature’s hand.

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