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"Wonder, Love, and Life: Poems That Stir the Soul"

"Exploring the Beauty and Mystery of the World Around Us"

By PayalPublished 10 months ago 2 min read
"Wonder, Love, and Life: Poems That Stir the Soul"
Photo by Alan Mersom on Unsplash

Under the sky so vast and wide,

My heart feels a stirring inside.

The clouds, they dance and sway,

As the sun sets at the end of the day.

The colors that streak across the sky,

Are like a painting, oh so high.

The pinks and oranges blend so well,

As if a magical spell has been cast, oh tell!

The stars at night, they twinkle bright,

A sight that brings such delight.

The moon, it shines like a pearl,

As if a precious gem in this world.

Oh, sky, how you bring us wonder,

With each passing day and night asunder.

May we never forget your beauty so grand,

And cherish you always in this great land.

Love, a feeling so pure and true,

A flame that burns, so bright and new.

It warms the heart, it lights the soul,

And fills the void, making us whole.

Love, a force that conquers all,

A bond that never lets us fall.

It lifts us up, it carries us through,

And makes us believe in what is true.

Oh, love, how you make us feel alive,

In a world that can be so contrive.

May we always hold onto your grace,

And find in your embrace, a sacred place.

Life, a journey so unpredictable,

A path that can be so inexplicable.

We walk it with our heads held high,

Taking each step, with a hopeful sigh.

Life, a mystery so vast and deep,

A story that can make us laugh or weep.

We write it with each passing day,

Hoping it leads us on the right way.

Oh, life, how you challenge us to grow,

In ways we never thought we could know.

May we always embrace your lessons taught,

And find in your struggles, a chance to be sought.

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Meet Payal, the storyteller extraordinaire, who has a passion for captivating her audience with amazing tales that transport them to new worlds and inspire their imagination.

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