We Over Me

Women are strong, as they are mothers.

Women are brave,

Women are strong-hearted,

Women are Mothers,

Mothers hold power to fight with world for good of her children,

Women can change their destiny with strong will power,

All it needs is determination,

When going gets tough, tough gets going,

If procrastination is left aside,

With strong will power,

And positive thinking, good things can be achieved,

Karma done positively shall reap good results,

Hope is what is needed to be kept,

Rising stars are open to change,

Keep hope whatever situations are,

Cherishing and nurturing good relations,

Happy families,

Smiling faces with love filled life,

Are keys to happy life :-)

Shweta  Sharma Devgan
Shweta Sharma Devgan
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Shweta Sharma Devgan

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