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by Katy Marie about a year ago in social commentary
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I am, you are, we are WOMAN

You seem to think that when he is actually she it takes something from me

You speak of menstruation, gestation, and nutrition as if those are the markers of WOMAN

But what of the inconsistent and unpredictable moons?

But what of the dreams evaporated in empty wombs?

But what of the dried up rivers of mothers milk?

Are they less than WOMAN to you?

Being WOMAN is not of my body, it is of my mind!

I do not take their claim to WOMAN as a dismissive hand erasing who I am

Girl, it is PRAISE! It is a thunderous roar of WOMAN from the chest with respect!

Do not take offense when others look upon you with beauty

Do not feel erased when others wish to draw themselves in your image

Do not feel objectified when others want to be be seen through accepting eyes

Do not feel as if your essence has been stolen when who you are has been woven into a tapestry by someone seeking solidarity

Do not close your heart, but open your hand and together

We shall shout WE ARE WOMAN and the land will tremble at our call, our strength will flow and all will know that I am, you are, we are WOMAN

social commentary

About the author

Katy Marie

My writing is my way of expressing the observations I make about myself, my own contradictions, and the paradoxes that are interwoven into what is means to be human.

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