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With Her Plants

A poem by Anna LaFountaine.

With Her Plants

Alone in her room,

With the heat nice and cozy,

A girl with pink hair,

In a sweater, so toasty.

She cleans off her bookshelves,

To make room for new potted friends.

They're green with some pink,

Or maybe blue at the ends.

The girl provides them daily,

With water and plenty of sun.

She reads peacefully next to them,

To her it is fun.

Ivy hanging from the ceiling,

They drop down to the floor.

Catnip for her playful kitten,

Excites her some more.

Painting and growing,

And laughing, relaxed.

She's happily alone,

With her cat and her plants.

Anna LaFountaine
Anna LaFountaine
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Anna LaFountaine

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