Wishing Joy

by Marilyn Glover 4 months ago in love poems

A Blissful Path

Wishing Joy
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No two stars are alike, a midnight peaceful sky

I think about where he is and wonder with a sigh

If he thinks about me too, though there’s no reply

My feelings do encompass me, of this I can’t deny

For I love him more with each passing day although we haven’t met

I find comfort in the stars I see, our story is preset

Constellation wishes; of which there’s no regret

Flash forward to the future recalling how we met

To wish upon a star, I do, each and every night

Hoping for him to appear; the answer to my plight

A dignified reaction once he has me in his sight

Mutual affection that neither will bear to fight

For I love him more with each passing day despite our unmet eyes

Once we cross each other’s path, no need to compromise

Call it a chain reaction, either one is none the wise

A blissful path of circumstance, will manifest; surprise

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Marilyn Glover
Marilyn Glover
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