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Wish You Were Around

by Amanda J Mollett 5 months ago in love poems · updated 2 months ago

So I Could See Your Face And Hear Your Voice

Wish You Were Around
Photo by MuiZur on Unsplash

You will never know how I feel

To not have you here

When I want to see you,

But I can not picture your face

When I want to hear your voice,

But you are gone from this place

If I could hold you tight

I would not let go all night

It hurts when you do not understand

That all I want is for you to take my hand

I wish you could tell me it is all going to be okay

But you can not ... Not today

What if we never have forever?

What if we lose today?

We could lose ourselves now,

And we will never know how,

If we could not get back to that place

Our life together forever could be erased

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About the author

Amanda J Mollett

I am a proud mother of wonderful kids who I am trying to make proud as well. I am married and have been for 4 years. I am a writer, singer, dancer, home maker, homeschool teacher, and fur mama. I am a law student as well as work at home.

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