Wisdom's War

No pain... no gain.

Wisdom's War

So much knowledge to be gained because wisdom is power... but! right before power is pain...

Through this higher consciousness A bright light is to follow. Wisdom without pain is an old lie so don't swallow...

The pills of society that has held you down... incapacitated... no life... no rights to the light.

Only more darkness to be found.

So, wear your stripes proud for you have earned a jeweled crown that can never be removed your strength has showed & proved...

It has an eternal bond... bound by the inner light that shines because of the wisdom gained through life's deepest pains.... disappointments & strifes.

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Kathryn Donaldson

Hey! Here, you will find a series of stories which are based on actual events. Names & some details have been added or left out. That's for you to decipher. I hope you get inspired! Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

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