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Winters End

Goodbye My Friend

By Paul DouglasPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Winters End
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

In the depths of winter

Snowflakes fall pitter-pat

Upon my upturned face

Swirling angel acrobats


The heaven formed macramé melts

Fall onto my fluttering eyelashes

Ice cold tears of dead snowflakes

Snowmen eyes turned to ashes


Some lament summers end

When longer nights draw in

And the sunshine wanes like a frightened mouse

Until springtime comes again


But I cry cold tears as snowflakes die

And in muddy puddles lie

And snowmen shed their winter pelts

And carrot noses sigh


I will miss my cooling breaths

And frosty white exhale

That from my ice-cold lips

Leave a beautiful white contrail


I miss the slipperiness underfoot

And the crunch of freshly fallen snow

And the expanse of thick white carpet

As yet untouched by crow or doe


The icy pond I skate upon

The danger when it cracks

Makes my heart-rate deliciously increase

For me, that’s what summer lacks


Summertime is too tame by far

Too multicolour hued

Too safe by comparison

To winters albino natures nude


As for me, I lament winters end.

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About the Creator

Paul Douglas

I have always loved to write, especially poems and short stories. I also have an abiding love for technology and gaming. I love to share my outlook with others.

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