Winter's Day

by Amy Jourdan about a year ago in sad poetry

Winter Is a Thief

Winter's Day

This was a day the Lord hath made,

and I'm sure there was a reason,

but I can't forgive Him, though I should have known,

Winter is the cruelest of seasons.

I wrapped myself in to the lies,

on the day I gave into the cold,

and convinced myself a warm blanket

could be weaved from ice and stone.

I can’t deny that I bear blame,

though my anger points a righteous finger.

I suppose I thought depravity,

would be willing to let my virtue linger.

Yet, there it lied under mounds of snow,

rotting and fading away.

All my faith and value was smothered

on that short Winter’s day.

sad poetry
Amy Jourdan
Amy Jourdan
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Amy Jourdan

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