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Winter Night

by Alisan Keesee 22 days ago in heartbreak

A Riff Poem

Winter Night
Photo by Aditya Vyas on Unsplash

Inspired by and a riff on "Spring Day" by BTS

Will I get to you faster if I was the snow in the air?

Would my tiny flakes cover your wounds?

And heal them as they melted.

Skin and snow becoming one.

Honestly, I miss you, but I’ll erase you.

Once your wounds heal, will you forget about me too?

Like the way you forget how snowflakes feel on your fingers.

Until the next time winter comes around.

No darkness, no season is eternal.

When your spring ends, skin will crack again.

Only my snow can fill the crevasses.

And it will always fall.


Alisan Keesee

I am a 24-year-old Seattle based writer who lives alone with my cat. Originally from a small, unincorporated Washington town, I have a penchant for boybands, black coffee, and true crime. I am a graduate of Western Washington University.

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Alisan Keesee
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