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Winter Love

by Erin N Hand 12 months ago in nature poetry

a poem by Erin Hand

The pale blue of the frozen river

The bright white of the snow

And the harsh, cold shine of the sun’s glare

That refuses to give warmth

A white hare dreaming of a fire

Of a warm place to call home

But the season wouldn’t let him go

And froze his little red heart

I watched him die from behind a tree

On the top of a grey hill

It could be snow, or it could be ash

Blown-in from a warmer place

Rolling white drifts turned sinister hills

Clawing for my soul’s embrace

Seeking something they can never have

Like fire searching for ice

Then down we’ll go to find somewhere safe

Somewhere we can bunker down

As the night turns ice to cobalt gems

Shining with a silver glow

The cold rays that sink into the bone

Lighting the sparks in the crisp air

Surrounding our hearts in frozen chains

Even summer can’t undo

The gossamer dress worn by the trees

Fill the sky with mercury

The whole world filled with a thousand shades

The sky and ground become one

And in the winter I got to know

The million shades of your heart

All the different shapes of your organs

That fit snuggly in with mine

nature poetry

Erin N Hand

If I am lost in life right now then please never find me.

Poet, artist, writer, daughter, friend, dreamer, cat-mom, and with any luck, soon-to-be bird-mom!

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Erin N Hand
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