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by Velonna Patrick 4 months ago in nature poetry · updated 4 months ago
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I want to feel the cold

Image Courtesy of Etsy

I just want it to be winter

So that I can feel the cold.

I want to paint in warm sweaters and listen to eagles sing from the studio window while I’m cozy in my fuzziest socks. A cat in my lap, purring. The smell of pine in my nose.

Hot tea steaming in my favorite mug just an arm reach away…

The warmth of a hug from the one you love all the more comforting with the coming of a winter storm, snowing and pouring and hailing.

Love blossoming in the coziest space between two people snuggling to make the cold feel warm and full of life.

I just want it to be winter

So that I can feel the cold and live again in coziness and spice.

nature poetry

About the author

Velonna Patrick

My credentials: BA in English Literature with an Emphasis in Creative Writing

Two minors: Psychology and Chinese Language and Culture

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Instagram: @velonnapatrick

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