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Poem by Lilac Winds

By Lilac WindsPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

The wind blows sharply.

Whistling as it chases an invisible prey.

Trailing behind the wind,

comes a soft icy blanket.

The trees are naked,

save only for the ice decorations.

The sun's power has wilted,

and the night rules.

For winter has arrived,

His eyes are warm,

reminding all who see them of molten chocolate.

His skin is the same shade as the snow he holds in his arms,

making his onyx hair stand out proudly against his forehead.

His breath is icy,

rushing through smiling candied apple lips.

He drops his snowflakes,

crafted carefully with slender fingers as his siblings roam the world.

Winter likes sharing his creations.

He has always loved the way they swirl and dance when little children play.

Along with the snowflakes, he paints the skies.

He brushes purples, greens and blues.

They mix and swirl for all to admire.

The children adore him,

and adults regard him with fond memories.

With him he brings a time for family to reunite,

and sometimes new families to arise.

He loves the way humans rejoice with him around.

His feet crunch as he travels from home to home,

the sound has always brought him peace.

He pauses outside and finds himself smiling

at the sound of laughter and crackling fire.

He finds himself enjoying everything.

From both big and small.

He appreciates everything he can, before he let's his sister Spring

take his place.

nature poetry

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