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Wings of Destiny

Journeying Through Life's Tapestry

By Mohameen MoshoodPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Wings of Destiny
Photo by Timelynx on Unsplash

In the garden of dreams, where flowers sway,
And moonbeams weave through the night's ballet,
There lies a path of whispered sighs,
Where secrets dwell beneath starlit skies.

Through the maze of time, we wander on,
Seeking solace in the break of dawn.
In the depths of silence, echoes ring,
A symphony of hopes that softly sing.

Like petals falling from a rose,
Each moment fades, each memory flows.
But in the heart's eternal song,
We find the strength to carry on.

For life is but a fleeting glance,
A dance of shadows, a cosmic trance.
Yet in its beauty, we are bound,
To seek the answers that are never found.

So let us cherish every breath,
Embrace the joy, endure the depth.
For in the tapestry of fate,
We find our purpose, our soul's estate.

In the garden of dreams, where time stands still,
We'll wander on, with faith and will.
And when the stars fade into day,
We'll greet the dawn, and find our way.

Through fields of gold and rivers wide,
We'll journey forth, side by side.
With each step, a story told,
In the fabric of life, our dreams unfold.

Beneath the canopy of endless skies,
We'll spread our wings, we'll learn to rise.
For in the heart's courageous flight,
We find the courage to embrace the night.

Through valleys dark and mountains tall,
We'll heed the whispers of the call.
With every trial, every test,
We'll find the strength to do our best.

In the tapestry of hopes and fears,
We'll find the light amidst the tears.
For in the journey, far and wide,
We'll walk together, side by side.

So let us hold each other near,
And banish doubt, and banish fear.
For in the unity of soul and mind,
We'll find the peace we long to find.

In the garden of dreams, where love abides,
We'll write our story, with joy and pride.
And when the stars fade into the blue,
We'll know that love has seen us through.

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Mohameen Moshood

Optimistic in nature

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