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Willow Woman, Where Art Thou?

by Kendra Potts about a month ago in nature poetry
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A Poem by Kendra Yvette

I want to be the woman

beneath the weeping willow tree

barefoot, blithe, and blissful

who sways with the drapes of leaves in the breeze,

I want to be the woman

whose long tresses of coils

bounce in sync to her waltz with the wind

and flows in rhythm to her frolic

I want to be the woman

who moves to the heartbeat

of the flowing river

and makes the sands of the earth

bend to the will of her soles

I want to be the woman

whose beautiful face is marked with serenity

ethereal and graceful are her movements of jubilee

as she meditates and prays to her goddess

guided by the beacon of the full moon

She’s arcane in nature

only a bit out of reach

to adopt her present,

I must honor her in mine

So, for now, I’ll be the woman

who sways beneath the ash tree

with mulch and street beneath my feet

guided by the beacon of the waxing crescent

nature poetry

About the author

Kendra Potts

21 year old storyteller.

For the sake of art;

email: [email protected]

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  • Paul Stewartabout a month ago

    This, was beautiful and evocative!

  • Victoria Ramosabout a month ago

    Strong emotions and powerful creativity.

  • Emily Dickersonabout a month ago

    I love the traditional depictions of femininity - in touch with nature, dancing gracefully, being beautiful. I also love Willow trees, they're so mysterious and bittersweet.

  • Chris Sienerabout a month ago

    Love the weeping willow wannabe analogy and flow throughout this piece. Thank you for sharing.

  • Stephen Greenabout a month ago

    Beautifully written. Sending this to all my witchy friends!

  • Elizabeth Smithabout a month ago

    I love this

  • Keila Aartilaabout a month ago

    Really love this! Nice job. :)

  • Marina Besharaabout a month ago

    Wow! Amazing piece!!

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