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Will You Die For Us, My Dear?

Iphigenia, the Perfect Lamb

By Emily Marie ConcannonPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Will You Die For Us, My Dear?
Photo by Niko Manuelides on Unsplash

The grass was green, and the air was still,

And with the seagulls' cries the air was filled.

Mycenae was calm as the spring,

That fateful day with death would bring.

Iphigenia, that little lamb,

Was brought to the altar by her tiny hand.

Achilles stood and watched with awe,

As the young girl to the altar drawn,

Not a frown creased her little lips,

Not a tear from her eyes did fall and slip.

She watched her father, Agamemnon proud,

Who watched her move with sorrowful brows.

"The goddess of the hunt your blood requires,"

Tiresias spoke without might or desire.

"Will you die for the Grecian land?"

He asked her calmly, knife in hand.

She bit her lip til blood did spill,

"My life I give for you to kill."

She answered simply, gazing down,

As her life before her eyes did drown.

"Baa, baa," came the baying of a lamb,

Who stood behind the altar grand.

He looked at Iphigenia with eyes so sweet,

For he came to take her place on judgment's seat.

"A gift from Artemis," the men all said,

As the wind picked up from the western end.

"No," the Seer rebuked the crowd

of soldiers and armies to war were bound.

And so they laid her down on rock,

And with the knife her neck he struck.

Blood poured out like a fountain's might,

And the war-hardened men turned from the sight.

The sheep did cry at the pools of blood,

Around the altar began to flood.

No one asked her what she desired,

They only took what was required.

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About the Creator

Emily Marie Concannon

I am a world nomad with a passion for vegan food, history, coffee, and equality.

You can find my first novel on Kindle Vella here: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B09V4S7T4N :) I appreciate all your support and engagement! :)

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  • Mariann Carroll24 days ago

    Very captivating poem

  • Gina C.about a month ago

    Such an intriguing, yet sad story told through such amazing poetry! This captivated me from beginning to end. Wonderful work! 😍

  • KJ Aartilaabout a month ago

    So beautiful, but so sad. Your work is stunning!

  • Heather Hublerabout a month ago

    Oh wow!!! You make me so invested in your stories, even in poetic form. Bravo, dear friend :) Loved it!

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