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If I had to I would ask all these questions

By David ThomasPublished 2 years ago 2 min read
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Why do you always find a way to bless me even when I don’t deserve it?

Why are you so understanding and forgiving when I just smacked you in your face and kept on sinning.

Why do you love me unconditionally when my love for you is conditional.

Why do you still say yes and give me favor when I turn right back around and tell you No.

Why did you send your begotten son to die for us when we’re the ones who disobeyed you and should’ve been cast into hell.

Why do you constantly continue to save and call on me even though I'm the one who always seems to fail?

Why didn’t you erase my future, because of my past.

Why do you still hold my hand while I’m walking on this dangerous and crazy path?

Why do I keep on asking you for things to bless me with, when there are children in third world countries starving and need your help.

Why do I act like I am deaf, when I can clearly hear you at my hearts’ door knocking.

Maybe it’s because I am saved by his grace and mercy that is why he loves me so much.

Maybe it’s because with his arms stretched out wide you can hear him cry out loud that “it is finished.”

I know now that the battle he fought for me many years ago was won.

And maybe when he felt like nobody cared or no one was there Jesus looked up to his father and said, “Abba Father! Why have you forsaken me.”

So he can vouch for me and knows what it feels like to be abandoned.

And one more thing that I do not want to forget is when he was betrayed by Judas and was denied by Peter on that same night he was crucified, he still died for our sins.

So when I feel betrayed or people use me, then toss me away I can give it to Jesus.

Because he knows what it feels like and knows how it feels to be crucified even though he was the blameless and spotless lamb.


About the Creator

David Thomas

I am a 34 year old author/spoken word artist who has written 2 poetry books and an autobiography. I love to write poems that are well versed and talk about everything that is going in society. I will putting some poetry on here.

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