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Why Do You Write Poetry?

A question raised now and then

By Suntonu BhadraPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Why Do You Write Poetry?
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A question often raised and answered from our perspective!

What’s the meaning behind writing a poem, when some of the things are out of the blue, or from imagination or sometimes considered ‘nothing added value sort of creation’ to society! Some people wonder about these things, and sometimes, I also ask the same question to myself.

Poets are the ‘wizards of words,’ weaving the letters and words into a form that is sometimes a bit distant from realistic conversations; sometimes, it knocks right into our hearts. Based on the thoughts and emotions, it can integrate pragmatic, imaginative, even futuristic aspects into its poetic expression.

Poets brought numerous positive and critical changes in our society and the world from time to time. The expressions, emotions, and aspects of the (relevant) poems brought to the people were inspirational to spark the beginning or sometimes accomplish those positive changes.

“Poetry lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of the world, and makes familiar objects be as if they were not familiar.”

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Although some people will tell that poetry is the simplest form of expression, it is not. Think about the words that speak your thoughts in a twirling dance, carrying a distinct meaning that you portray into your chosen poetic form — that is not simple and easy to write.



People have several queries on poetry works, and those are not uncommon to ask. I believe every poet has faced similar sort of questions, either from the people or inside your mind. Like the following ones:

  • Why do you write poetry at all?
  • What’s there to gain?
  • What’s there to express?
  • Why do you express this unrealistic form, when you could say it in articles, stories, or other straight-forward forms of realistic communications?


My ‘why’s

I decided to ask myself, ‘why?’ And I found a couple of interesting facts that came across.

  • It’s easier for me to express a thought in poetry than to sometimes explain it in a general form of communication.
  • An attraction towards the flow of words and poetry has a dance within it to keep up the flow.
  • It is easier to express so many thoughts in so little words, leaving more room of thinking for the readers.
  • As a non-native English speaker, breaking structural boundaries & form in literature is easier in poetic form compared to other genres, like story or fiction.
  • Writing is boundless, and with poetry — you can reach to the end of the universe and back again to your couch in a few words. For me, poems give me a reason to escape to a different world, give me the strength to utter the unimaginable thoughts, and provide me the flow of writing in any form.

But, the main reason:

Image by the author

I write poetry because, for me, it is the most enlightening way to create something new, something ordinary or extraordinary, out of the blue or from experience, in this beautiful art form. It is an incredible experience to create and utter your voice in your chosen poetic form to the people you want.

Of course, expressing yourself is there, which evokes the feeling I might be searching for or the emotions to vent, struggling to get out of the head. But, it’s a pleasure of creation, a route to extend and illustrate the thoughts I am having and to form it for my kindred soul. Along with the form and substance, it can spread the joy or reduce the pain (for venting it out to clear my head, not succumb to it).


“Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.” — William Wordsworth

Sometimes, it helps me break the silence; sometimes, it is therapeutic to enjoy the rush of writing the flow. It’s not a sort of drug, but an avenue to reach beyond.

It doesn’t matter whether we write to express, or to vent out or to enjoy the power of words. The main thing is that whether it is fulfilling your desired objective, the way you have imagined.

What reasons do you hold to utter words in poems?

Thanks for exploring and reading my content. Stay safe and well.

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