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Why do I believe in poetry

Poetry is going to be increasingly important

By Daniel HooksPublished 2 years ago 2 min read
My poetry is my cathartic outlet

Why do I believe in poetry?

In these days of increasing unemployment and mental stresses and pressure, poetry will have increasingly important role in self expression and self awareness.

It is no exaggeration that without this creative outlet I would probably not still be in the land of living or I might be a faceless isolated man staring out from a window of a mental health institution too sedated to know what time of day it is.

People need self expression and poetry will help teach you new words new ways of thinking through reading and exploration of new themes and philosophies.

Many people have a favourite poem, I like to think of poetry as lyrics with music you might fashion in your mind or even just on its own in can be more powerful than you can fathom.

Poetry can cause a paradigm shift in thinking help explain what people go through in a very short space of words. It can change your perspective and challenge your point of view which makes it increasingly important in the polarisation of people because of belief, gender, race, sexuality and many other issues.

Poetry enables you to communicate your ideas and vision of the world to other people. And they can interact and take something from what you written. They maybe inspired to write something as well.

Poetry expresses ideas and emotions.

Comments and feedback in general will help you grow your skill in writing poetry.

Poetry is really expressive art form and can helps you realise things about yourself and the world you haven’t realised before.

Having it on paper allows you to deal with (your demons) and leads to realisation of how and why you feel or think that way.

Creating a poem is an end product a creation of living and informed piece of art which leads to a sense of accomplishment and achievement.

Performance getting up in front of people and having the confidence in your creation and yourself to perform your poem leads to a huge boost in confidence and public speaking as a skill is an important one.

By Daniel Hooks AKA the Alienpoet



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Daniel Hooks

A poet, activist and story teller who currently battles with a severe mental health problem.

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