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“Who can believe in love?”

Think about love….what is it?

By Jessica Pedraza NicanorPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
“Who can believe in love?”
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Think about love….

what is it?

Is it flowers?



romantic movies?

love at first sight?

holding hands?





Posting each other?



is it that?

Do you think love is those insignificant things?

Then you do not know what love is...

Anyone can give you all the above, and everyone can have them... but no one will give the actions that matter to you, the ones that determine if they actually love you.

Love goes beyond that, love is making choices with consequences, sacrificing things, being afraid, challenging yourself, creating change, equality, support, communication, mutual respect, patience, humbleness, and working and growing every day in your relationship, is hard work that has to be done with love.

That is love.


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Jessica Pedraza Nicanor

Writing is about sharing any type of emotions and thoughts the writer has to share with the public. I share my writing with only one purpose, let my feelings through my writing relate, help, and inspire someone out there.


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