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Who Are You

by Nattalie Gordon 3 years ago in inspirational
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Discovering, Understanding and Embracing who you are.


Who Are You?

By Nattalie Gordon

Who Are You?

Do you know?

Do you want to know?

You look me up and down like you know who I am. You talk to me like you’re the keeper of my destiny.

I respond to you with my loudest… silence.

I am. A gift. A treasure.

I walk like I know the circumstances of my becoming.

I imagine when I was born, my ancestors stood up and they sang as if they knew.

That I, highly favored and talented as I am, would be the one to turn the tide.

They danced as if they knew. That I’d be the one to end the cycle of poverty, break the bonds of suffering, destroy the birthright of oppression which we’ve been bequeathed.

I act like I know the honor would be bestowed upon me to rise up; and break generational curses.

My service is my therapy.

That’s who I am.

Now, who are you?


About the author

Nattalie Gordon

I grew up in rural Jamaica. I write screenplays, stage plays, poems, essays, articles etc.

I love horror movies, seafood and almost all sports. Feel free to check me out at nattaliegordon.weebly.com and follow me on IG @nattaliewithtwoteez

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