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Who Are You?

by Tammy Gomez 3 years ago in sad poetry

A Poem

Who are you?

Trying to let the anger fade,

But it throbs like a bruise,

You were here

Almost a fluttering moment

But I feel that your mind was never there

Who were you?

Never in the moment

Always turning that brain to mush

Sadness is more how I feel now

Wishing I knew why

How are you?

You’re no longer in our lives

Rather be drunk than there

Rather be rude than kind

It’s upsetting you should want to be here

What are you?

A sad lonely old woman

Drowning in her own anger

In her own resentment and hate

I just cannot relate

Who are you?

sad poetry

Tammy Gomez

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Tammy Gomez
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