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White Ignorance

by Derek Evers about a month ago in social commentary

"Until I realized it was no ordinary day// It was a day set aside for a King// A dark skinned, eloquent, boundless King"

White Ignorance
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Ideas run so easily through my head

every week as I think of a new story,

a new perspective to be told and read;

and I thought this week would like any other.

And that the right words would find me.

And I would so easily tell another.


Until I realized it was no ordinary day.

It was a day set aside for a King.

A dark skinned, eloquent, boundless King.

Then I knew I should use my voice,

my God given ability to tell a story.

To write words fit for all Kings looking forward;

looking for a glimmer of his dream.


The words did not come.

The words did not rattle my skull.

The words were not aware.


I poked and prodded for an answer.

And looked deep within my soul.

Still, there was no story I could tell...


Finished with pulling my hair.

And reading the words of others.

I resign myself to this poem.

And realize an undeniable truth:


I am an ignorant white man,

doing things only ignorant white men do.


This poem reminds me that there is much I do not know about the black experience and that I, and many others, have much work to do to make things right.

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Derek Evers
Derek Evers
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