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Whispers of the Trees

Nature's Symphony Unveiled: A Poetic Ode to the Whispers of the Trees

By Gokhan PolardPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

In the depths of the forest, where silence prevails,

The trees stand tall, telling ancient tales.

Their branches sway and dance in the breeze,

Whispering secrets only the forest sees.

Their leaves rustle softly, a symphony of sound,

Nature's lullaby, a calming surround.

They speak of seasons, of growth and change,

Of resilience and strength that nothing can estrange.

Their roots dig deep into the earth's embrace,

Anchoring them firmly, a steadfast base.

They reach for the sky, touching the clouds,

With wisdom and grace that nature allows.

Their whispers carry the wisdom of time,

A language unspoken, yet so divine.

They speak of unity, of interconnectedness,

In their shelter, we find solace and happiness.

So let us listen to the whispers of the trees,

And find peace in their ancient melodies.

For in their presence, we can truly see,

The whispers of the trees hold the key.

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Gokhan Polard

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