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Whispered Declaration

The Fragileness of a Woman

By Becca APublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Enrapture Me


In every woman there exists a porcelain doll. That porcelain doll is where beauty and fragility exist but is kept safe from human hands. Most place her in a glass display case where protection overtakes love. To experience love, she must remove the glass walls of her heart and allow her heart to be touched. It isn’t until she allows someone into that intimate place that she experiences surrender wrapped in love, the unification of her whole being with another into oneness.


Velvet lips on my shoulders melt my mind

like wax, drawing me into your arms. No

coherent thoughts can be formed, which

would resist the call of your touch. Your

arms enshroud this frail entity, causing me

to rush like a surging waterfall, into the

cavern of your being. Your fingertips to

this porcelain doll compel me to relinquish

my silence and call out my surrender. No

longer can I resist your longing to enfold

the delicacies of my desire. Words flow

forth from my inner longing beckoning you

to partake of my fullness. In whispered

declaration I plead, “enrapture me, I am


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About the Creator

Becca A

A dreamer and hopeless romantic that gets lost when a pen is put in her hands.

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