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Where Will You Sleep Tonight?

by Liz Wall 3 months ago in sad poetry

My Three Years Spent Homeless

Where Will You Sleep Tonight?
Photo by Milo Bauman on Unsplash


You’ll never know what it truly means

Until you are without

One of your own

Years would pass

Between losing one space

And getting another

Buckling as others snapped not knowing past traumas

Saying "why can’t go home to your mother?"

The only place that remained my eternal home

Was in his arms only having each other

Lugging a suitcase, forced to roam

A symbol of the weight and hurts of being displaced

The times we had to be apart

Distance between us

Ripped a hole the size of his love

Across my heart

Out of the blue

We were given a home of our own

Our only wish buried under much pain

Had come true

The feeling lingered

That it would be pulled from under our feet

But now we rest not on a couch but in a bed

No longer at risk

Of meeting our end in a cold doorway sleeping on the streets

For now I try to nurture peace

In a home of our own that will last

A second chance that may allow me

To release my dark and painful past

sad poetry

Liz Wall

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Liz Wall
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