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Where I Belong

by S.D. Kang 8 months ago in inspirational
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Dreams and Memories at the Gate

Where I Belong
Photo by Artur Tumasjan on Unsplash

Sat at the airport earlier today,

Mask tight on my face as I squeezed through the crowds.

So much changed since two years ago,

Except how busy airports can get.

First time catching a flight,

Since the last time that I saw you.

I remember the anticipation

To be beside you, where I belonged.

But here we are two years later,

Separated by oceans and borders.

Who knew we would not see each other again?

Who knew we would no longer talk?

My mind keeps wandering to you.

Where you are and how you are doing.

But I digress, though I miss you,

It is not why I was sitting there.

I came to see my brother and my parents.

And as I hold my newborn nephew,

Surrounded by my family, I remember.

This too is where I belong.


About the author

S.D. Kang

Dreamer by birth, Writer by choice.


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