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Where do is start...

by Sanaa ali 11 months ago in sad poetry
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Poem about covid

Where do is start...
Photo by Christopher Windus on Unsplash

Where do I start on what's happening

Yeh it's true it's quite saddening

Night has turned to day and day has turned to night

Hope we win and rule the fight

Yes there are struggles and sacrifices too

But we'll get over it not now then maybe soon

Sitting down with a mind full of stress

Trying to reassure our selves that were not depressed

But it happens to everyone maybe you too

But we'll get over it not now then soon

Sitting alone not telling anyone else about how we feel

Its like a nightmare that's not real

I mean how could this be nothing the same

We forget about how we used to live I know it's lame

We feel different and we've changed

Its like a book but we've read every single page

Its an argument about our opinions

It has it has affected millions

Sitting in our room all day

All we want is we want a say

No matter what happens everything will continue

Its like we knew it was going to happen like a reserved venue

All we know is we don't like this

We wish this phase we could miss

Not realising clearly what's going on

Just feel like leaving everything behind and run

Eveythjngs happened it's all done

Now we just wait for the rising sun

Start writing...

sad poetry

About the author

Sanaa ali

Start writing...I Have been writing for about 2 years now. I write books and poems of horror and sad poems.

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