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Whenever I come in front of a gal.....

by Manthan 4 months ago in performance poetry
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I just move towards her and no one stops me....

innocent love, mad for girls

Whenever I come in front of a gal,

My heart says let's move ahead.

Mind shouts don't go there,

Heart says move own goal is, there.


Her presence becomes like target,

I move ahead like shouted bullet.

Once came across heartbeat,

No chance blockage will meet.


Stop! Stop! Experience remind,

Heart desire throws mind,

have to but should not

Then also will go.

Not seems good, doesn't mind.


Desire of heart will not be ignored,

Any of the part can't stop his way,

At any cost will reach there once decide,

Even though I lost own respect,

But once with her, I would collide.

* * *

performance poetry

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loving, living, chilling, relaxing, enjoying life,.... I am full crazy and bizarre 😍🥰😜😝. I read and write poems - poetry. And in rest of time I 🤔🙄🤭🤫🥱.

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  • Thavien Yliaster4 months ago

    Protect Your self-respect As you should be treated well, like any fella' No matter how crazy you are for her, a woman that loves you will always share the umbrella Do well to follow your heart But don't let it get trampled apart It's okay to fall in love, your emotions are real Just don't bend over backwards if you fall head-over-heels Have your heart be in congruence with your mind Then, self-love and respect will be easy to find

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