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When We Were Together..

by Armani 2 months ago in love poems
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Until we became no more

Today marks 2 years since I last saw your freckled face, your lanky body and your yellow complexion,

Since I last saw that perfect little smile that always seemed to go from ear to ear when we were together,

Since I last wrapped my arms around your waist and yours around mine

When we were together it felt like the only humans ever created were you and I

By Alexander Popov on Unsplash

You warmed my heart every moment we spent together, every issue seemed to disappear

We were each others happiness, until we became no more

Those tears of joy I cried turned into pain tears that I couldnt stop letting out every night, no matter how hard I tried

You were my whole heart until you fell out of love with me and took away every bit of me when we became no more

By Ben Blennerhassett on Unsplash

I felt so empty all I could do was pray to my Lord as I grew more depressed every day, as I picked up a bad drug addiction, as I lost weight and lost joy in everything

All joy except the memories we made when we were together

love poems

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Disclaimer: I am new to writing poems but I hope you enjoy❣️

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