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When We Talk

by Jessica Harding 9 months ago in slam poetry
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I'd rather just smash the red button

When We Talk

We Argue

That’s Why When Your Name Comes Across My Screen

I Hit The Red Button

You Stay Hittin My Phone.. Leaving VoiceMails Filled With Fun Memories Like You Don’t Know We Don’t Share The Same Memories..

Your Memories

Filled With Laughter And Sex

My Memories

Filled With Tears And Screaming

So When We Talk

We Argue

Because You Want To Discuss How We Partied And Had Amazing Sex All.. I Want To Discuss How That Sex Made A Baby You Aint Support

I Guess That’s The Type Of Stuff

Hits A Nerve With You Though Because You Want To Start Name Calling And Trying To Hang Up The Phone Or Walk Away

So Whats The Point In Talking

Our Interests Just Arent The Same

Youre Interested In

Our Relationship

I Am Interested In

Our Babies

We Just Cant Relate.. You Only Want Them If You Can Have Me But Its That Attitude I Find Repulsive

I Aint Never Gon Want You

When We Talk

We Argue

You Want To Discuss Excuses For Your Behavior And What We Could Do To Fix It Like You Worthy Of My Time Let Alone Help.

I Want To Discuss How You Held My Hand Askin If I Was Ready For A Family As We Bringing Life In This World Yet People Hit My Line With A "Happy Father's Day" Because You Left So Fast You Aint Even Bother To Open The Door You Left A You Shaped Hole In It..

But I Guess This The Type Of Stuff

That Hits A Nerve

You Aint Want To Talk No More

You Want To Scream At Me Tell Me Im Wrong For Bringing Up The Past But You The One That Keep The Past On Repeat

You Stay Lyin

You Stay Angry

We Stay Doin Better Everyday WithOut You

So When We Talk

We Argue

You Want To Discuss What Ifs Like Life Happened Some Other Way

I Want To Discuss Facts Like How While I Took On All Parental Stress You Was Getting High Or Sleeping..

Or How As A Man That Was Suppose To Keep Us Safe Left Us Hanging The First Chance He Got..

Now You Want To Talk About

How I Should Trust You

Im Confused

Your Actions And Words Don’t Match

But I Guess That’s That Stuff You Aint Want To Talk About.. That’s That Stuff That End Our Whole Conversation.. You Want To Scream And Talk Shit..

I Just Don’t Have Time For You

That’s Why When You Hit My Phone I Just Save Both Our Times And Hit The Red Button

We Just Aint Sharin The Same Memories

So When We Talk

We Argue

We'll Never Understand Each Other

slam poetry

About the author

Jessica Harding


Theres Always SomeThing To Say.. Never Be Afraid To Express Yourself. Im The Vent To Me Dont Hold It In Type. Im The Give Out Love For No Reason Type..

Make Love Not War.


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