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When The World Is Forgiven

by Alfiya Laxmidhar 3 months ago in inspirational
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I find peace at last

When The World Is Forgiven
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Something starts

And then it stops.

Something moves forward

Only to find a new direction.

Revolving around a peril

I breakthrough and begin to fade.

Meaningless images and inaudible sounds

Fill my mind with disease and tension.

Only love can save me now.

Only seeing through the facade of what

I have created can be the only way out.

I have done this time and time again.

But no matter how far I travel it doesn't get any easier.

But now I know how one part of me seems to not want to forgive.

And it is that part I seem to be hanging on to.

And the more I feel burdened and trapped

The more I know I need to let go.

Forgiveness is a gift, not for the world as I see it,

But it is for me to forgive to see myself

And see a new world.


About the author

Alfiya Laxmidhar

Love words and their origin. Like poetry. Rumi is my favorite.

Thank you for stopping by.

Facebook: Alfiya Re Lax

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