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When She Comes

by Mr. Jax 10 months ago in surreal poetry
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Death, When She comes - poem

When She Comes
Photo by Šimom Caban on Unsplash

Death, She intrigues me

Not a lot of her I see

All around me

Like a grey misty shadow hovering in the sky

Takes all, with the blink of an Eye

I want to see her but not

Once I do, I'll get caught

She'll take lives and be on her way

Town to town, bay to bay

She'll come as a disease

or an unfortunate event

She won't think and then cease

Lives that could have been well spent

She's quite just in some way

Her victim could be anyone any day

No race no gender matters to the name

To her, everyone's the same

The dead lie

Feel no pain

She's still in the sky

Do you know her name?

"Death" she goes by.


By Manuel Meurisse on Unsplash

surreal poetry

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Mr. Jax

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