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When Innocence Dies

by Kelli Sheckler-Amsden about a month ago in social commentary
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Hope seems impossible

When Innocence Dies
Photo by Veit Hammer on Unsplash

(in honor of lives lost too soon)

There is no reason, or rhyme,

the next breath - hard to find,

broken, grasping our chests, with hard questions like, why?

Too young to face such big fears,

too old, when the days pass like years,

fighting, with unsuspecting soldiers, far from the front lines.

How can this be real,

how are we to heal,

a pain unintended for one so small and so frail?

Exposed to uncontrollable hate,

the grief and mental anguish too great,

to reconcile these wounds inside riddled souls.

Never again be the same,

rearranged by the pain,

what can we do to stop this senseless cycle?

No-one has the right words to say,

to make this ok,

and time, choking, like a chain of pressures, heavy.

When innocence dies,

we all pay a price,

our future now void of a hope snatched away.

One day at a time,

strength grows stronger inside

until the courage we needed, is found.

We must get up and breathe,

fill the holes yet unseen

as angels gather and wait to console, and bring peace.

There is nowhere to hide,

when goodness and evil collide,

the whole world feels the pain and we cry -

when innocence dies.

social commentary

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Kelli Sheckler-Amsden

Telling stories my heart needs to tell <3

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Comments (14)

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  • Stéphane Dreyfus22 days ago

    Thank you. Lovely to read, but hard to digest. Challenging times indeed.

  • Georgenes Medeirosabout a month ago

    nice, i love it

  • Cendrine Marrouatabout a month ago

    Very well stated, Kelli!

  • Babs Iversonabout a month ago

    Loving it!!!💖😊💕

  • Lizzy Turnerabout a month ago

    Wow. So beautiful.

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    This was so beautiful and touching

  • Kathryn salazarabout a month ago

    Lovely ryhme scheme, and very heartfelt, intense words. Beautiful dedication to those little angels that have so sadly departed too early.

  • Trent Nashabout a month ago

    Wow. . A lump in the throat when reading that one . Amazing how your own personal experience can resonate in the words of another.. that’s what poetry is about ., im going to read it again and try not end up a snot ridden mess . Well done you evoked an emotion .. can’t ask for anything more than that

  • Shirley Belkabout a month ago

    beautiful and profound

  • ShuJen Walkerabout a month ago

    Great prose poem. Really touching. I love the line "where goodness and evil collide..."

  • Jonas Robinsonabout a month ago

    A gentle faint cry of bitterness as the tears wash away. Thank you for sharing. :)

  • Sarah Luchiesabout a month ago

    Beautiful perspective on such difficult emotions and circumstances. I would love to hear the story of what inspired this.

  • Luisa Gilliesabout a month ago

    So touching.

  • Cathy holmesabout a month ago

    Incredible. Thank you for this.

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