When I'm Dead and Gone

A poem about my afterlife beliefs.

When I'm Dead and Gone

Don't cry for me when I'm dead and gone.

I still exist I've just moved on.

To a world you can't see that's all around, not in the sky but on the ground.

In another dimension where angels sing.

Where there is no evil

Just joy and laughing

I didn't die I'm still alive

Just in spirit form ,

you can't see with your eyes

But feel with your heart and you will find

My presence around you

my picture in your mind

Feel my arms around you holding you tight,

Whispering I love you

Telling you that I am alright.

I'm happy now I feel no pain.

And I'm still around just not the same.

So remember now when I'm dead and gone.

When you go to my funeral to pray and sing songs

I'll be right there with you

An angel by your side

Loving and healing you

Wiping your tears as you cry.

But as I said please don't cry.

We will meet one day again

This is Just a temporary good bye.

nature poetry
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