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When I am a Mother

by Beth Fitzgibbon 9 months ago in inspirational

[for my Mother]

When I am a Mother
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When I am a mother

my daughter will know

How to find her own magic

How to see her own body and smile

How to navigate a patriarchal society

How to keep her crown straight on her head

When I am a mother

my son will know

How to understand his feelings

How to respect the fairer sex

How to work hard and play harder

How to be sturdy against the waves

When I am a mother

my children will never see

A scared mother

A neglectful mother

A harsh mother

A loveless mother

When I am a mother

I will teach my children

The wonders of the Universe

The beauty of Mother Earth

The humour of weirdness

The fluidity of the soul

When I am a mother

I won’t tell my children

How I feared my motherly ability

How I feared not being enough

How I feared losing their trust and faith

How I feared losing them forever

When I am a mother

my children will never know

How many times I sought guidance from their grandmother

How many times I worried I was doing things wrong

How many times I regretted the mistakes I made

How many times I prayed for their safety and happiness

Until I am a mother

I can only hope

That I will be just like my own mother

With all her faults

With all her courage

With all her strength

With all her love

And I can only know

That my children will always love me


Beth Fitzgibbon

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Beth Fitzgibbon
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