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What would I do?

The possibilities

By Katie Published 27 days ago Updated 27 days ago 1 min read
What would I do?
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

What would I do?

If I did.

Or, what should I do?


To gain back control of my life. Some semblance of balance, some small moderation of bad habits.

It would be so easy to succumb, to cave in to the ever increasing lure of complacency, letting all those good habits slide off the table.

They’re teetering on the edge already.

So, what could I possibly do? Could I drink some magic elixir of motivation and energy?

“careful, just a sip now.”

The excuses are the worst. Daily, their strength grows, easily pulling me from the path. It’s too this and it’s too that.

It must be that, the “excuses” are indeed a creature. Invisible to the naked eye. Sprinkling some kind of “do nothing dust” all around me, laughing at me as I burn another day looking out the window.

They must somehow feed on my inactivity, I’m sure of it.

Well anyway I think they are growing fat from me.

It’s come down to this. I must concoct a spray, an anti excuse venom that will drive them from my zip code, or at least my doorstep.

“Extra strength please”

I will start tonight, unless of course, some excuse shows up.

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