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What Way to Say It

by Lisa A Lachapelle 4 days ago in love poems · updated 4 days ago

What Way Is There

Photo by Kira Schwarz on Pexels

Does love have conditions?

What structure holds the compass

Of guiding light

What format strikes the pen at night

While I wait again

With sorrow in one hand

And sleep an infrequent friend

As twilight storms the night

A bitter comet forges friends

Till trumpet bows

And the closest comfort is essence

If anger has a past on point

Let's not trouble mere memory

Yet to discover


What would I say

That you don't already know?

How much your presence

Is a mold no one else could fit

How brazen your comfort sits

While strides of men across lifetimes

Fill the span that shortens time

Enjoy each moment here

Savor every everything

I could open myself fully

And let God show you

How do I? That's How

The amount of gratitude I have for your kindness

Not your likeness

Could fill a lighthouse

And light the shells

Across the sky

While beaches reach the moment


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Lisa A Lachapelle

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