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What to Do if She Ever Wants to Break Up.

by Justy Robinson 3 months ago in sad poetry
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a Misery Poem

What to Do if She Ever Wants to Break Up.
Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

1. Cry; it's better to let it out sooner than later.

Certainly your first thought will be to learn what you've done wrong,

and to see if that can be fixed-

but it's better now to let your feelings out.

Cry onto the page,

or into a pull-up bar,

on the controller of a good game.

These tears are yours- and you have to carry them all alone now.

2. Remember, this isn't the first time forever was shorter than you thought;

perhaps it's just the mind-set of the modern human,

or everything happens for a reason,




What's important is you;

look at yourself,

brush the dirt off-

single may not have been what you wanted

but nothing's all bad, right?

3. There are still people you love & who love you.

They may not hold you,

or talk with you on anything near a daily basis,

or light up when they see you

or sacrifice for you;

they may not dream of you,

or wish to kiss you

or wipe your tears...

but they also might.

4. I don't know if I can go through that again.

The, “I don't wanna be with you anymore- but I wanna be friends.”

The, final- most damning lies we’re capable of telling when we're desperate.

You may not love me the same

but I beg you- dont be her.

5. Remember your dreams.

Your dreams may or may not have included a certain other,

but imagine them differently now.

You still have the Tesla Model X,

the king-size bed,

the dual walk-in closets,

the spacious kitchen for tag-team cooking...

even without the passenger-side door,

or the choosing of a side,

or the companion closet,

or the cooking partner.

Now at least, you'll save some money right?

6. Cry again.

Stop thinking about it.

Stop thinking about it.

Stop thinking about it.



7. Such







8. Go for a walk.

The dogs do still need a walk,

you still need to work,




Remember where you're needed-

where you're forced;

you have nothing else after all.

9. Fuck 8


Fuck everything willing to fuck you!

Buy a van,

renovate it,

and go somewhere else to fuck someone else!

Drink yourself into a coffin!

Get high enough to crash as hard as Icarus!

Crash your car into that fucking asshole who's driving like a cunt!

Fuck feeling fear,

or sadness,

or regret,

or remorse,

or anything!

You only live once, might as well die trying.

10. Maybe I've been christian all along. Who knows.

12. Heal.

13. You remember that time after we hadn’t spoken for a long time,

and we went to the reservoir together?

We made that movie with my weak little camera.

It was all so blue.

I loved you even then,

as you were still with that asshole,

and I was quote-on-quote "pursuing" her-

almost more out of the obligation to move on more than love for her…

wrong I know.

What would've been the point of telling you...

What's the point of saying it now?

14. It gets easier everyday.

Sure, there's the occasional relapse, t

the days that are too much to bare-

but you’re not a cigarette;

I dont have the choice to go back...

my only option is forward.

15. This has been 3 years of my life,

3 more in the making;

the end of an era undoubtedly,

but the end of every era starts another.

I'll always miss you,

always love you...

but I may only have one life,

and even if I'm reborn I may not be the same me;

I have to live now-

so I'll cherish the memories:

Goodbye now.

sad poetry

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