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What the soul wants

by Renee 8 months ago in social commentary

What the soul needs

What the soul wants
Photo by Dario Veronesi on Unsplash

My soul belongs elsewhere

Where umber streets

Make serpentine twists

Where I feel transported back to a time

When nobody knew today's strives

Where my heart sings

And my lungs fill with ancient air

Where amber streetlamps

Burn a welcoming hue

Where I can see young boys ride their vintage bicycles

And a nonna who hangs her floral laundry above her balcony

This is where I used to live

Loud and extroverted

So completely opposite of my reserved mien

It was where I stood out

But in a way that I enjoyed

I want to be a foreigner again




Here in my native land

I feel unwelcomed


A dime a dozen

Why are we born where we are?

Who decides our luck?

Do we really get what we deserve?

Certainly not

For there are so many who live unfair lives

May we all get to be in the place

That makes our hearts sing

social commentary


I live for unexpected experiences and good food! As a cultural-enthusiast and linguaphile, my studies and passions have taken me around the world. I teach English as a foreign language and I believe that language is beyond powerful.

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