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What Makes Me Happy/Sad

by Jade Renteria 2 years ago in sad poetry

Emotional poem

What makes me happy?

When I see my nephew smile. When he talks. When he giggles. When he kisses my cheeks. When our hands meet. When he hugs me. Everything about him makes me happy.

When my mom smiles. When she laughs. When she kisses my cheeks. When she kisses me goodnight. Everything about her makes me smile.

What makes me sad?

When I see my nephew get hurt. When he cries. When he get sick.

When I see my mom cry. When my mom get hurt. When she gets frustrated. When someone insults my mom. When my father hits my mom or sisters.

When I see my horrible memories coming back. When I see other kids that have a father while I don't have a father.

When my father yells and hits me. When my father hurts my feelings.

When my friends are hurt.

sad poetry
Jade Renteria
Jade Renteria
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Jade Renteria

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