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What is life?

by Assumpta Arachie 6 months ago in inspirational
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Life is a mansion

What is life?
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

That stands on the pillars of hope.

Life is a span

That needs to be covered with cautious steps.

Life is a stepping stone

That guides you to achieve your destination.

Life is a preacher

Who overpowers you with majestic valour.

And inspires you to tread the rugged path

With zealous vigour.

Life is a guardian

Who would always be encouraging

But never sympathetic.

Life is a thorny bush

That brings forth fragrant blossoms to those

Who choose to persevere.

Life is a reward of God.

Initiation and culmination of it is God's discretion.

It is the retrospect of man,

Which decides the fruitfulness of his life.

Life is a mansion

That stands on the pillars of hope.


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Assumpta Arachie

A passionate writer, I love to blog about lifestyle. you can subscribe to get original content from my heart ❤️. I like to share real-life stories.

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