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What If We Were Rainbows

Progress Through Color

By Robert AneiroPublished about a year ago 1 min read

What if we were Rainbows,

Not just simple human beings,

Could we finally manage to get along,

No need for war, break out in song,

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow,

Violet, Purple and Orange,

Our skin is merely an outer shell,

Not something over which your anger should swell,

But lo, behold, there will always be those with hearts of cold,

No matter, as such, for there will also be us,

People who know there is good and bad,

Which is never determined by a skin color fad,

Thus, I ask sincerely again,

What if we were Rainbows,

People with skin of fiery Red,

Volcanic cooks and bakers of bread,

People with skin of verdant Green,

Tending to nature and keeping air clean,

People with skin of ocean Blue,

Taming the sea like Alantis it's true,

People with skin of sunshine Yellow,

your energized hyped-up next-door fellow,

People with skin of midnight Violet,

Just grab their hand, and for a fee, they can be your shadow pilot,

People with skin of impromptu Purple,

Tell tales, create and inspire not hirple,

People with skin of iridescent Orange,

Like Fall, they adapt, danger approaching their senses will twinge,

Tell me honestly and don't hold back,

Wouldn't that be a world we should try,

To make from fantasy, a world of dreams,

Brought into being, a reality for all,

Why do you stall, take up the call,

What if we were Rainbows.


About the Creator

Robert Aneiro

One of my favorite hobbies is thinking. I love to create fantasy realms in my mind, be it for stories or poetry. The one thing I was missing was a proper platform to share my fantasies. It's time I got Vocal. Hope you enjoy :D

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