What If (I Wish)

A letter to the younger me; if I had a time machine, I'll go back to guide her, tell her what awaits her us

What If (I Wish)

What if I told you that your life would be hell

hell on earth

What if I told you that you'll be depressed

What if I told you that one morning you woke up contemplated suicide I know I know shit hurts

And What if I told you that life won't be easy for you, there's gonna be ups and downs

You might just fall in love but keep in mind that it's only infatuation

If I told you all this would you be scared?

Would you keep going?

If I showed you a map of the future that awaits you would you reroute?

Or would it be for better or worse

I wanna tell you that I love you

I wish I can give you the world

I wish I can give you the life you deserve but that's not how life works

I wish I can take depression from you

I wish I can guide you from here to the future lol and just tell everyone I'm your doppelganger

I wish I can be here to fight the demons off

I wanna say sorry for what I'm putting you through but this battle I'm fighting is making us stronger

when you catch up you'll be head strong, you'll be a warrior, you'll be an angel on this earth

I love you so much take care babygirl

D'anna Aaron
D'anna Aaron
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