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What if China were to unleash a nuclear attack?

China | Infographics Show

By Infographics ShowPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Photo by Infographics Show

In the middle of war, a desperate hand

Reaches for the button, the final stand

China, once held back by "No First Use"

Now tempted by the nuclear fuse

Weeks before the big, bad day

Getting ready, a grim display

Submarines in place, missiles ready to go

A world on edge, a ticking clock, oh no

The DF-41, a powerful spear

Ready to hit, to spread fear

The JL-2, under the waves

Waiting for orders, in hidden caves

Xi Jinping, the man with the code

The lives of millions, a heavy load

Friends talked to, targets set

A choice made, with deep regret

The keys are turned, the engines roar

Missiles rise, like dragons of lore

Flying through the sky, with deadly aim

Hawaii, Alaska, the East Coast in flames

Destruction falls, from coast to coast

Cities fall, like never before, almost

The GMD, a final line

Fails to stop the grand design

In the White House, a serious scene

Striking back, by any means

The world holds its breath, in silent dread

As two giants, paint the skies red

The fallout spreads, a poisoned shroud

No winners here, just ashes and cloud

A lesson learned, but way too late

When atoms split, there's no debate

In the end, what's left to say?

When anger's let loose, in such a way

Let cooler heads win, let wisdom reign

Or we'll all be burned, by nuclear flame


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    • Alex H Mittelman about a month ago

      Great poem!

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