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What does it mean to be Free?

The Riwa Project

By DiscoveringmatuPublished 9 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi

What does it mean to be Free?

Freedom is a lot more than what we see on the surface

capacity to build on a purpose

actually be able

being able bodied I already have so many favours to work with

knowing what my worth is

Freedom to say no

confidence to leave a situation






all pressed on the surface

praising his oneness

not even a concern for what they say in the public

while my brothers getting killed in the public

bias media coverage

and than I fill up my stomach

18 bucks almost 18 meals

and we wonder why are hearts need to heal

Freedom can be selfish

I gotta be better for we

need to be seen

really lead to depression for me

but I still held on in a different sense

we live in a time where whats common isn't common sense

widespread hypocrisy

group-think in a boarder-sense

this is just a diary of a common man

and I'm glad

Ukraine is getting the help that she needed

but we only speak truth to power when it convenient

how many generations of Palestinians is bleeding?

civil liberties of Uyghur Muslims are depleted

we got the wool over are eyes we are not woke

how many good people died and we have not spoke

if money made us real

I bet flint would get a chance to heal

but we rather make a mil than share a meal

this real life

THANKS for reading! The name of this series is the "Riwa Project", My intention is post a poem a day, eventually releasing a book titled "Riwa" where some of these peoms will be published! Thanks again! Feel free to support me here with a like or follow, and you could also find me on twitter and instagram @discoveringmatu

All the best,


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