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by Dawn Skaggs about a year ago in inspirational

The day we mommas only dreamed about ........................... That became our nightmare ........................... Well Not really

The day we only dreamed of ………………….

That became our nightmare……………….


I woke up that morning

Ready to spring into action

Waking up the girls

Making sure they are dressed

Homework packed in their bookbag (because we always find it on the kitchen table after they are off to school)

A few minutes later I find myself standing in the hallway

Looking into two dark rooms

Remembering that at that moment they are both probably waking up in their doom rooms getting their day started

Remembering that all those years that we had our morning and days and nights that I was preparing them for doing what they are doing

At that moment I feel very proud of my two young ladies

Proud of how they treat other, proud of how they approach their days and how they are succeeding at the life that they choose

Proud of the lives that they choose and proud to be their momma

I choose to raise them to be independent women who want to take on the world and proud of every day that they do just that

I always knew this day would come and I always thought I would be sad and be lonely

But as I stand their I am overwhelmed by the feeling of pride in my girls

Then my phone rings and I am greeted by my three way facetime with the two faces that I used to watch get ready in the morning

Seeing their smiles and that they are truly happy in the places that they are

Knowing that even thought we are not in the same household this morning that they also remember those mornings

That they also think of me and that they are proud of me as their momma

This time that I always thought would be lonely and sad becomes a time of great joy

This time that I am still walking through this thing called life with my two beautiful girls and still sharing our days together

I tell my beautiful girls that I love them and to enjoy every second of their day.

I tell them to be amazing and to BE A GOOD KID


Dawn Skaggs

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Dawn Skaggs
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