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by M.E 9 days ago in love poems

An ode to birth

Photo by Ignacio Campo on Unsplash

Hi, are you there? I hope you can hear me.

I know where you are is warm and cozy. Hugged by a lukewarm ocean that doesn’t let you drown, but holds you instead, gently.

A thin red veil over your still closed eyes. A pulsing long thread of life that ties you to her, to us. A visible knot, soon to be invisible, but never broken.

You will feel a pull but worry not. In her arms, you’ll feel the same warmth, the same embrace, the same protection.

Two little bright shiny blue pebbles - I know they’ll be blue - will look at me, and I’ll look at you.

Large smiles, teary eyes. Hope is a feeling you’ll see in their eyes.

The greens and the pinks, the reds and the yellows, it will all come slowly. Savor everything, try them all. Life is too short after all.

The blue canvas above, reflected by your blue below. A splash of yellow spatters the white cotton doves that slowly spread their wings. In a place, you’ll soon know to be called sky.

And then we will conquer the world, you and I.

First in four, then in two. We’ll walk side by side and I’ll show everything to you.

Your safe space with me is five fingers and a palm. Hold tight, hold strong and I’ll never let you go.

So please come soon, come quick. I want to show you everything.

But for now, I’ll wait.

Wait to finally see the light from your bright pebbled eyes, that for now are kept safe in the red sweet darkness.

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